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Stray Policy

If you have a found a stray and have not been able to locate the owner please follow these steps


1. Have the animal scanned for a microchip at the sheletr or at any veterinary office, there is no charge and you do not need an appointment to do this, make sure the scan is done well as chips can migrate in a pets body over time.


2. Report the animal as found to the humane society and county animal control, you may have to do this in person. Do NOT include a photo of the animal, give a general description and make the assumed owners describe the animal to you in detail including if they were wearing a collar and what color it was, people who do not own the dog may try to pose as the owners, beware! Owners should be able to show you a  photo of the dog and proof of ownership such as vet records.


3. Post Flyers around your neighborhood, again, with a brief description only.


4. If you cannot foster this animal please take them to the West MI Humane Society as they have the best chance of getting adopted or found there, you will need to make an appointment to drop off the animal.

The number is 616-453-8900.




Owner surrender Policy

Are you moving and having a hard time locating housing that will allow pets? Contact Pawsitive Impact for Pets and they will help you locate pet friendly housing or do what they can to help your pets stay with you! or


Are behavior issues causing you to second guess your ownership? We have amaizng resourses on hand to help you, we work with many trainers and would be glad to offer adivce and point you in the right direction. Any behavior can be changed with the proper technique and time.


We are NOT a shelter and our foster homes are very limited, 99% of our rescues come from high kill shelters that need our help.


Please give your pet a second chance, we dont speak the same language as our pets but they feel love, attachment and fear just as we do and while we have the outside world to support us (friends and family) all they really have is you.