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It can take days, weeks or even months to place a dog. Once we have rescued them from the shelter we will keep them with a foster family until the perfect, yes PERFECT family comes along.  We are highly selective in our adoption applications simply because we put so much time, love and energy into these animals we want to gaurantee that they will NEVER end up homeless again. If ever one of our adoptions does not work out, we will always take a dog back and find them a new home.


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Simon was found as a stray in White Cloud and due to the shelter being so overwhelmed he was due to be euthaized last week, we just couldn't let such a wonderful dog meet his end that way so he is now in our care. Simon is around a year old and is up to date on his shots and is now neutered. He has a wonderful temperament towards people and other dogs and we are working with him on manners. His coloring is very pretty and he is a red nosed pit. If you would like to meet Simon please contact our rescue or come see him at one of our many adoption events!  


SImon's adoption fee is 135.00 and includes his county shelter fee, vet check up, microchipping, heart worm test and preventative, vaccines and neuter.


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