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Dog Visits can be scheduled after we receive completed adoption applications. Thank you Rescue Friends!

Please Copy & Paste application questions below into a new emal message and send to:


Saving Argo Dog Rescue Adoption Application




Which dog are you applying for?

Do you own or rent your home?

Fenced yard (required if home is on a busy road):

Family members & ages:

Do adults in the home work full time?

Hours dog will be left alone per week:

Will the dog be crated or free range?

Current pets:

Previous pets:

Are/were they indoor or outdoor pets?


Do we have permission to request vet records?

Are current pets spayed/neutered?

Are your current pets microchipped?

Are your current pets up to date on vaccinations?

Are you aware of heartworm prevention and committed to providing monthly heart worm prevention medication for this dog?

Have you ever had to rehome a pet? Why?

Preferred method of training:

2 Personal references (not family):

Is everyone is your house agreeable to adding him/her to the family?

The #1, 2 & 3 reasons people give up their dogs is divorce, birth of a new child and moving. Are you prepared to care for this dog for the rest of their life even through family hardships and changes?

What activities are you looking forward to doing with this dog?

Why would your home be a good home for this dog? (Please do not leave blank)



Applications will be reviewed within 24 hours of being submitted.

Adoption fees generally range from $100-$250 and are non-refundable.


What's Generally Included:

* Medical exams performed by a trusted and licensed veterinarian.

* Spay/neuter surgery.

* Vaccinations (will be brought up to date) and testing concurrent with the dog's age.

* Heart worm testing and fecal parasite testing

* Health Certificate including all veterinary records up to the time of adoption.

(No guarantee of health or behavior can be made beyond the time of adoption)