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Millions of dogs are imprisoned in shelters every year in the United States, they have no voice and no power over their fates. Most dogs are surrendered for behaviors that are easily corrected with a little time and training! 

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From Shorty Rossi's Four Feet Tall and Rising


"...any idiot could say they were a dog trainer, or dog behavioralist. Most of them had no idea what they were doing. They'd send people to the pound with dogs that were unfixable, untrainable, or hopeless - which just wasn't true. Any dog is fixable, unless they have a neurological problem - just like a human. If one trainer isn't able to help, it doesn't mean a dog needs to be euthanized. As far as I'm concerned, I have a no-kill policy when it comes to all animals. Except tarantulas, I hate tarantulas. You can kill those things if you want. I was so adamant about a no-kill policy that I even protected a dog that bit me in the face. It happened at a pet resort..."

Saving Argo Dog Rescue is a small network of foster families that rescue and rehome dogs in danger of euthanization at county shelters. Our dogs receive veterinary care, are spayed/ neutered, receive vaccines and whatever else they need to be healthy and happy, not to mention the chance to be adopted by a loving family. We bring these unwanted dogs into our homes and show them what many of them have never experienced before, love. Our adoption fees are small and our wonderful volunteers dedicate enormous amounts of time to help these amazing dogs, we are all "dog people" to say the least! Our rescue is 100% volunteer staffed.

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